Semgoodntic structures will always be outlined with regards to a specific set regarding datatypes, denoted by the DTS

A semantic structure, I, is a tuple of the form
  • an associated place, called the worth room, and you may
  • an excellent mapping regarding lexical room of your symbol space to help you the benefits space, named lexical-to-value-area mapping. ?

In a tangible dialect, DTS usually has the latest datatypes supported by one to dialect. All of the RIF languages have to secure the datatypes that are recorded in Part Datatypes from [RIF-DTB]. The worthy of places and also the lexical-to-value-room mappings for those datatypes was demonstrated in identical area.

Although the lexical and the value spaces might sometimes look similar, one should not confuse them. Lexical spaces define the syntax of the constant symbols in the RIF language. Value spaces define the meaning of the constants. The lexical and the value spaces are often not even isomorphic. For example, 1.2^^xs:quantitative and step one.20^^xs:quantitative are two legal — and distinct — constants in RIF because 1.dos and 1.20 belong to the lexical space of xs:quantitative. However, these two constants are interpreted by the same element of the value space of the xs:quantitative type. Therefore, step 1.2^^xs:quantitative = step 1.20^^xs:decimal is a RIF tautology. Likewise, RIF semantics for datatypes implies certain inequalities. For instance, abc^^xs:sequence ? abcd^^xs:sequence is a tautology, since the lexical-to-value-space mapping of the xs:string type maps these two constants into distinct elements in the value space of xs:sequence.


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